Find & eliminate toxic chemicals and infections

Restore healing habits that allow your body's inner healer to work

Measure & correct high, low or imbalanced biomarkers

Functional Medicine is the 21st Century method of addressing chronic pain + disease. Once we give the body what it needs and get what's blocking it out of the way, the body heals itself.

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What Clients Say

"Dr Bowman saved my life.  I was dizzy, nauseated, lethargic and had to quit my job because the brain fog and inability to grab words was leaving me.  I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines with no known cause by two neurologists who thought i should try botox.  Thanks UCLA for nothing.  MRI's, blood work, ENT's, Cardiologists, Psychiatrists, no one had an answer.  Everything was normal.  Dr. B diagnosed me with lyme, babesiosis, sibs and toxic mold exposure.  I grew up in WV so it was no surprise.  But my labcorp test came back negative.  Enter the world of using specialized labs such as Igenix and Great Plains.  Answers.  We had our condo remediated after discovering a leak in the laundry room, which was undetected of 2 years and was the same mold that was making me sick.   I will continue to see him to finish out my healing, but within 6 months I felt 80 percent better.  Highly recommended, and he does virtual appts now as well for those out of state."



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OFFICE HOURS | Monday through Thursday 8:00 - 5:00 | Friday-Sunday available by appointment only.

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IV CLINIC HOURS | Monday & Wednesday: 8:00-2:00, Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00-3:00. Available after hours and Friday-Sunday.

See weekend booking below. 

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Weekend Booking

If you are actively sick and need to book an appointment or IV treatment outside of our regular clinic hours, please call or email us and mention that you are trying to book an after hours appointment. Please allow our team up to 30 minutes to contact you after your message is received.

Visit the patient portal to check availability & book your own appointments. If you are a new patient you must register before booking.