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Functional Medicine is personalized medicine that addresses root causes of disease rather than just treating symptoms.

We seek to give the body what it needs to heal and remove toxins and infections that block the body from healing.  

Find & eliminate toxic chemicals and infections

Restore healing habits that allow your body's inner healer to work

Measure & correct high, low or imbalanced biomarkers

Super Health Food

What Clients Say

"I couldn't be happier to write a review for Dr. Bowman, in fact I am just going to copy and paste what I emailed his office on Oct 10th of this year. I have had Lyme disease for many many years and I didn't ever know what it was, he listened and diagnosed me quickly and we got to work. I am a mother of four who had NO energy and so much pain. Here is what I wrote to him after only 4 months of being his patient: I know I need to come into your office for a lab update, but I couldn’t go a minute longer without saying THANK YOU AGAIN. I feel like a HUMAN, I am ecstatic. I have so much more energy and I can have FUN with my family again, I am productive again! You have literally saved my life. I can’t properly say thank you enough and I know we have so much more to do, but just THANK YOU. I’ll be in soon! - If you are lost in what to do with your health and as frustrated as I was, call them. He will help you. :)" -LN


OFFICE HOURS | Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 2:00 PST

     (702) 333-2627      

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