Regenerative Orthopedics

Are Knee Replacements

Really That Great?



Total Joint Replacements,

and particularly

Total Knee Replacements,

Are Not As Good As

Most People Think

“Despite high expectations, there were statistically and clinically significant differences between actual and expected activity at 12 months suggesting that expectations may not have been fulfilled.

The differences were equivalent to

walking 14 less miles per week than expected..." 

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 “When interviewed by an independent third party, about one-third of young patients report residual symptoms and limitations after modern TKA.” 

     54% of young patients report difficulty with stairs,

     41% stiffness,

     38% difficulty getting in and out of a car,

     33% persistent pain,

     33% grinding/other noises,

     33% swelling/ tightness,

     31% difficulty getting in/out of a chair.  

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One study showed at 66% of people gained weight

in the 2 years after knee replacement surgery-

an average of 14 lbs per person.

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"Although total knee arthroplasty is a successful

and cost-effective procedure,  patient

dissatisfaction remains as high as 50%.

Postoperative residual knee pain after total knee arthroplasty,

with or without crepitation, is a major factor that contributes to patient dissatisfaction."

Park CN et al, Hospital of Special Surgery  

New York, NY  2016  Read more here

Regenerative Orthopedics


Are Knee Replacements

Really That Safe?



Total Joint Replacements,

and particularly

Total Knee Replacements,

Are Not As Safe As

Most People Think

European registry data shows a 25 fold increase in acute heart attack within 2 weeks of a total hip replacement and a 31 fold increase within 2 weeks of a total knee replacement.  Read more here

One British study showed a 5.43 fold increase in death in the first 30 days after total knee replacement... Read more here

One large meta-analysis (study combining many studies) showed an unplanned readmission rate of 9.7% within the first 90 days following total knee replacement...  "the leading reason for TKA readmission was surgical site infection."  Read more here

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