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YOUR BODY WANTS TO HEAL ITSELF. If it's not, if you have any chronic "disease " or symptom, either your body is not getting what it needs to function, or something is blocking it from functioning as it was designed to. These are the types of things we do in Functional Medicine: Measuring & correcting biomarkers that are too high, low, or imbalanced. Finding and eliminating toxic chemicals & infections. Restoring healing habits and behaviors that allow your body's inner healer to work. Once we give the body what it needs and get what is blocking it out of the way, the body heals itself.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

What Is Functional Medicine?

Let's ask Dr. David Jones, one of the pioneers of Functional Medicine 

Functional Medicine is the 21st century method of addressing chronic pain and disease.

#1 give the body what it needs.

#2 get out what is blocking your body from healing itself.