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Foggy Forest

THE LYME DISEASE EPIDEMIC IS HUGE. Two studies done by the CDC indicate that over 300,000 people per year test positive for Lyme. Many experts in Lyme think over a million (and perhaps several million) people with Lyme have never been diagnosed or even properly tested. The comprehensive evaluation and treatment of Lyme requires expertise in both Lyme and Functional Medicine. See "Why Can't I get Better" by Dr. Richard Horowitz. DrB has been a member of ILADS (International Lyme Disease Association) for a number of years, and has completed advanced training in Lyme with Dr. Horowitz at his clinic in New York.

Herbal Treatment

Lyme Disease

Lyme is the "great imitator" of our time.

Many patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, neurological problems, and many other chronic medical problems have Lyme as the underlying cause. If you are healthy and think you may have had a tick bite, please contact our office immediately. You can skip the initial FM appointment and make an emergency 30 minute visit to be evaluated for Lyme.

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