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Dr. John Bowman "DrB" is an

Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, as well as a Mayo Clinic trained orthopedic surgeon with 28 years of surgical

experience and over 15 years of regenerative orthopedic experience.  He learned early in his career that many patients referred to orthopedic surgeons have nothing orthopedically wrong. Just because your back is hurting & something shows up on an MRI does not mean that what you see on that MRI is the cause of the pain.  

For almost 2 decades DrB continued his vocation (orthopedic surgery) while spending all available free time studying his avocation: Inflammation and treatment alternatives for it.  

    Over the years he has taken multiple advanced courses in what was then "alternative medicine"- including chelation, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, "anti-aging medicine", environmental medicine, and nutritional medicine. He also has advanced training from ILADS on tick related illness.

In 2002 DrB took the IFMPC course from the Institute of Functional Medicine and it was love at first sight. He has been studying Functional Medicine since that time.





Sydney Shatley

Practice Manager

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