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SFM Health+ gives you the tools to manage your own Functional Medicine (FM) program: 


Patients new to FM with PPO insurance or who are paying out of pocket will find the Preferred Program a great value.  And it is the ultimate commitment to yourself.  One year where you spend 25-40 minutes per month addressing and learning your personal body chemistry.  $200 per month for one 25-40 minute visit per month  (reimbursable by your PPO) plus deep discounts on supplements plus deeply discounted self ordered labs ("Biomarker Heaven") plus direct RN access plus direct Health Coach access. Perhaps the best value in Functional Medicine anywhere, ever.  For most the savings in labs and supplements is more (often much more) then the cost of the program.

Patients with traditional Medicare or Medicaid will find the Standard program a great value- direct Health Coach access plus direct RN access plus deeply discounted self ordered lab ("Biomarker Heaven") and plus deeply discounted  supplements. 

Patients who don’t need a health coach or RN and simply want access to the discounted supplements and lab testing will find our Self Care program a time and money saver.  If you know the biomarkers you are trying to hit and how to hit them this program is for you!

If you would like to spend an entire morning once per year going over your health issues / personal biomarkers, our VIP Program is for you.  One morning- One Doctor- One Patient - the Ultimate Annual Functional Medicine Visit  plus

custom emails summarizing every visit plus all the features of the other programs, including applying your membership fee to your visits plus year round VIP priority access to appointment times.

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