Summerlin Functional Medicine is a small volume clinic-

some might call us a boutique clinic-

offering Functional Medicine and Regenerative Orthopedics.  


"Small volume" meaning:

  • we see only one new Functional Medicine (FM) patient per day, and we allocate a full two hours to that appointment.

  • we see only two Functional Medicine followup appointments per day.  

  • we also see 1 or 2 Functional Medicine followup appointments on our Tuesday evening clinic.

Functional Medicine FollowUp Appointments fall into 3 lengths:

  • "Standard" FM Followups- around 25 minutes (21 to 30 minutes)- $200

  • "Extended" FM Followups- around 35 minutes (31 to 40 minutes)- $275

  • "Limited" FM Followups- around 15 minutes (11 to 20 minutes)- $100

We allocate a full hour of clinic time to each standard and extended followup FM visit. 


These times are set according to standards for insurance billing.  This allows our patients with PPO coverage to submit their receipts (SuperBills) to their insurance company for reimbursement.  


Followup appointments are limited to 40 minutes face to face time.  No exceptions are allowed for two reasons:

  • most people can't take in that much information.  DrB enjoys talking and teaching patients about their FM problems and findings- but it just gets to be too much.  

  • the codes used for visits longer then 40 minutes are more difficult to have reimbursed by insurance companies.  

Regenerative Orthopedic Initial Appointments are 20 to 30 minutes long- time for the consultation.   The cost for an initial 30 minute consultation is discounted to $99.  In addition, there is a $100 discount if you elect to start treatment the same day- so most people actually pay only for the actual treatment if done on the same day. 

Followup orthopedic appointments are 15 minutes long and cost $100.  Again, if you elect to have an additional treatment done that day there is a $100 discount that offsets the cost of the FU visit.