Mission Statement.  

Summerlin Functional Medicine is committed to providing both Functional Medicine (FM) and Regenerative Orthopedics (RO) to as many patients as possible at an affordable price.  Our policies are quite different from most providers who perform similar services in several respects: 

  • We accept Medicare;

  • Our prices for our visits are lower then the usual market price;  

  • Our visits are structured to maximize insurance reimbursement for those with PPO insurance;

  • We have multiple discount programs for both supplements and RO treatments; 

  • We see fewer patients per day to allow more time per patient. 

That said- our real mission is to help our patients address their health issues by seeking out the root causes of illness while treating them with respect, empathy, and love.  We strive to create a healing environment where patients feel their concerns have been heard and their questions answered.  This process begins by DrB listening to each patient "tell their story"- and then DrB tells it back to them.  This process takes time- hence the limited number of patients we see per day.