DrB & Barb enjoying buckwheat galettes. 

Family Time

Prolotherapy in Honduras

Dr John Bowman ("DrB") is a Mayo Clinic trained orthopedic surgeon with 28 years of surgical experience and over 15 years of regenerative orthopedic experience.  DrB learned early in his career that many patients referred to orthopedic surgeons have nothing orthopedically wrong- just because your back is hurting and something shows up on an MRI does not mean that what you see on that MRI is the cause of the pain.  For almost 2 decades he continued his vocation (orthopedic surgery) while spending all available free time studying his avocation- inflammation and treatment alternatives for it.  Over the years he has taken multiple advanced courses in what was then "alternative medicine"- including chelation, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, "anti-aging medicine", environmental medicine, and nutritional medicine. He has basic and advanced training from ILADS on tick related illness.

In 2002 DrB took the IFMPC course from the Institute in Functional Medicine (IFM) and it was love at first sight- he has been studying Functional Medicine since that time.

DrB quit doing surgery in 2013 to devote full time as Medical Director for a large volume Regenerative Orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles.  Almost 5 years in that clinic allowed DrB to see many hundreds of patients treated with PRP and a variety of stem cell techniques.  In 2018 DrB and his wife, Barbara, decided to come home to Las Vegas to open a clinic for both Regenerative Orthopedics and the Functional Medicine that DrB has loved for so long.  

DrB is currently is on track to become Certified in Functional Medicine from IFM.  

Barbara Bowman RN is a Las Vegas native and one of the first "Flight for Life" nurses in the state of Nevada.  She has held a number of advanced clinical and administrative positions in the Las Vegas valley, including emergency room director and director of nursing for local hospitals.  She put her nursing career on hold to raise our 2 children, both of whom are now grown and married. She now acts as our clinic quarterback- assisting patients by answering multiple medical questions and coordinating their lab testing and medical followup.